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Authorized Dealer Proseal Pavement Protection 849 Hilltop, Danville KY

Providing Professional Pavement Protection Services


                                    Products & Services 

 Proseal Pavement Protection only uses the highest grade materials available. We trust in the experience of manufactures such as Neyra Industries, and  Sherwin Williams. By  using their material and apply them according to their specifications,  we can be assured you will get the best performing job available.

We offer the following services separately or as a complete pavement protection plan.

Hot Melt Crack Treatment :  Cracks will be cleaned and lanced with hot air. After preparation is completed,  we melt a rubber fortified crack filler and pour it into the crack. Once this material cools to its natural state it makes a impenetrable barrier.  

Oil Spots : Oil Spots will be de-greased and then coated with a oil spot primer. Once the primer is dry the asphalt is ready for seal coating.

Seal-Coating : Our signature service is providing not one but two coats of our special blend of materials. We start with a classic blend of rubber fortified coal-tar emulsion sealer then we add 3-5 lb of sand per gallon of sealer. It is important to note only coal-tar emulsion sealer will protect against petroleum spills Our equipment keeps the material evenly mixed until it comes out the spout on your asphalt. Once cured, this material not only  protects  your asphalt against all the elements and containments for years to come. But gives it that new jet black look agian.

Line Striping and Traffic Marking:   As a full services pavement protection provider, we are equipped to replace your parking strips and traffic markings. We also have the capability of producing custom paint templates. If you would like your Company Logo or some other design put on you drive or parking lot, be sure and ask about us this service.

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