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                                       Why did my sealer crack?


Many times after asphalt is seal-coated you will notice very fine crack throughout the entire sealer. We refer to this as spider webs or the alligator effect. If these "spider webs" are more than just surface cracks  the sealer can flake off and blow away after just a few short months. 

These "spider webs" are caused by the sealer drying to fast or drying from the inside out. Sealer is like latex paint, both are a water soluble products. That is, both latex paint and sealer uses water as a carrier  get the paint or sealant to the surface. The water evaporates out leaving the paint or sealant behind to do its job. If the water leaves to fast the paint or sealer will crack leaving behind our "spider webs". The faster the water leaves the more severe the cracks. During the summer months the asphalt becomes very hot from the sun beating down. As soon as sealer hits the pavement water is being evaporated into the asphalt as well as into the atmosphere.  Water leaves twice as fast. If the sealer is applied to thick, this increases the risk.

This can be prevented by applying the sealer early in the day, or by wetting down the asphalt before sealer is applied. WARNING To much water will dilute your sealer. Another technique is to apply two thin coats (allowing the sealer to cure between coats) instead of one heavy one. To most people this means double the work, to those of us  who understand seal-coating this means double the quality without the problems.


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