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                                            Can I do it Myself ?


Many people seal-coat their own asphalt. There are some things you may want to consider before you decide if this is something you want to do or get a professional  to handle it for you.

  • How big of a job is it?  Many people underestimate the time and effort involved in this task.  Even a small driveway (10'x100') will take the average home owner 2 hours to round up all the necessary materials and supplies  Another 4-5 hours in the hot sun to do the job.

  • Can a home owner do good job? Absolutely,  as good of a job as professional ? Absolutely Not ! All thing being equal, there is no substitute for experience.  Unless you can get your hands on industrial grade materials things are not really equal.                        

  • Will you save money by doing it yourself ?  It comes down to how much is your time is worth? Using our example from above (10'x110') you will have about $60.00 in materials and supplies. I will do this job with 2 coats of premium pavement protection for $138.00,  you save $58.23. Divide that  $58.23 by the minimum 6 hours you invested. Your day off  paid you $9.70 per hour. The break down on this example is on the  "do it yourself" page.

  • If you are still interested in doing the job your self, this year will be offering a complete "do-it-yourself kit" for residential use only! More information about that in our June publication.

If you would like me to take care of this job for you. My name is Tim, "click here" to contact us about doing that job.


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