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Authorized Dealer Proseal Pavement Protection 849 Hilltop, Danville KY

Providing Professional Pavement Protection Services


                                       Getting A Quailty Job !


The Seal-coating industry has a variety of "pavement protection providers" in it. Ranging from  the guy from 50 miles away ( " I wonder why he is not working in his home town?") to your local pavement professionals, and many in between.

I really sympathize with all you folks that paid someone going  door to door and charged a hundred bucks or so to seal-coat your driveway  last spring and last fall it all washed off . How can you keep this from happening to you again ?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Use local people, If there are problems, it would be nice to know who to contact.

  •  Ask for, and follow up with references

  • Ask to see their licenses and proof of liability insurance

  • Ask about the material they use; see the section on Products & Services 

  • Or Just Contract us to do your work and put your mind at ease! Contact Us

This may sound a little extreme but its your HOME and you deserve to get a quality job for your money.


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