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Preventive Maintenance is the Key to making your pavement investment last:

Only one thing will maximize your pavement's life, preventive maintenance. This means minor defects must be identified and repaired early, before major repairs are needed. It also means seal-coat  your pavement to keep out deteriorating elements and chemicals

Preventive maintenance is important because even though small fissures in the pavement are rarely noticeable, they may develop into serious defects if not repaired early.

Cracks and surfaces breaks may occur in only a few days time in an under-designed pavement under heavy traffic. If the underlayment can't accommodate it - especially in  presences of water - your surface will fail.

One way to stop small fissures from developing into large problems is to have your pavement periodically inspected by a professional. Minor defects can be repaired before they deteriorate into pavement failures requiring major maintenance expenditures. Preventive maintenance should start soon after asphalt has been installed to add many years to its life and reduce the chance of problems developing in the future.

Another way is to allow Proseal Pavement Protection to assist your with a pavement protection program. Just contact us.

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