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Authorized Dealer Proseal Pavement Protection 849 Hilltop, Danville KY

Providing Professional Pavement Protection Services


                                                       Is this a Great Deal ?

Looking for the "Great Deal" ?   Take a look at these pictures I captured at  restaurant in Cincinnati.
This lot was seal-coated on Monday, these pictures were taken that following Wednesday. ( thats right just two days later.

Picture to the far left is a oil spot that was not cleaned or treated, just seal-coated over the top. In the middle is a close up of the same spot, note: what happen when a car drove over the top. The sealer stuck to the tire, leaving just oil, dirt and pavement behind. To the far right is a shot of an existing crack that was just not filled, just seal-coated. Water will gather in the this crack and continue to  eroded away the soil underneath.

           If you think you got a great deal, you probably did. " A Great Deal Less !"


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