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Why Pavement Fails

    Basically, the job of pavement is to provide a smooth, even seal over soil, a surface that
    makes it easy and pleasant to visit and work at your property. A common myth is: limit 
    the amount of weight of the traffic using your pavement and it's guaranteed to last and last.
    The reality is that traffic is only a minor player in the destruction of your asphalt. surface.

            These are the real culprits of surface deterioration!


  • The ultra-violate rays of the hot sun causes oxidation and brakes down the integrity
    of your asphalt the aggregate material is allowed to protrude from the surface, making
    the pavement rough. The surface becomes brittle, cracks develop, and the pavement deteriorates.

  • Gasoline, Oils and other petroleum based materials dissolve asphalt causing it to soften
    or even worse;  fail.

  • Unprotected asphalt allows water to seep through to the underlying soil, making it unable
      to resist even ordinary loads. As the soil yields way, the pavement begins to crack and deteriorates. As time goes by, freeze-thaw cycles widen the cracks letting even more
    water through and the problem worsens at an accelerated pace.

     The best way to get the most life out of your pavement begins with selecting a quality
     contractor to install the pavement and conducting life-preserving maintenance. You should
     periodically evaluate your paved surface to see what work is needed to prolong its life.
     The first step is to contact us for a
free Professional Pavement Performance Evaluation.

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